Tuesday, September 8, 2009

By This You Know

by Noah Matthews
Copyright 2009

By this you know... by this you see
of Summer's light
... green lawns and fireflies
grasshoppers that hitch a ride on the bill of your hat
...frogs singing in the distance at the water's edge
a pond you said you would explore some day...
but, when does that day come?

By this you know... by this you see
of faded blooms
... the yellow rumped warbler - what a name
carefully selecting seeds from a listing echenacea
... mist gathering at the corners of the woods
and spreading out like a blanket over the lane
the day tired, the evening reluctant

My body tired. My mind tired. My soul...wondering...
and somehow...wandering.
Brushing past the listing echenacea, the bird taking flight
the mist swirling around my ankles in the lane.
The edge of the pond moist. The frogs cease their song
and my heart....my heart hungry for more.